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Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Design a solution that leverages programmatic sharing functionalities to achieve a requirement
  • Given a particular customer's organization hierarchy describe the impact of role hierarchy on record sharing
Topic 2
  • Demonstrate your ability to properly evaluate the use case for and implement teams
  • Describe the appropriate use and limitations of relevant object and field level security settings
Topic 3
  • Design and configuration of the sharing and security model
  • Design and configuration of the sharing and security model
Topic 4
  • Describe the methods of validating the sharing and visibility
  • Demonstrate how views and folders can be segmented for different groups using out of box security features
Topic 5
  • Demonstrate how to properly enforce Object and Field level permission when designing Programmatic Solutions
  • Given a particular complex customer org setup
Topic 6
  • Describe how the security and sharing setup can be utilized to properly enforce record visibility
  • Given a customer's particular data storage and data residency requirements

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Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect Sample Questions (Q99-Q104):


What is the best practice for testing sharing and visibility changes?

  • A. Use Administrative and User reports to view the Active Users.
  • B. Use the Login As feature for a sample user in each role and profile.
  • C. Use Field Audit Trail to audit the field meta-data and visibility.
  • D. Use the Sharing button to test Profile and Permission set changes.

Answer: B


After testing and deploying a new trigger that does creates a related order when a opportunity is closed, the Architect begins complaints of permission error messages appearing when closing an opportunity.

How did this error occur?

  • A. The trigger handlers class does not use any sharing keywords and the user not have access to the orders related to the opportunity.
  • B. The trigger handler class is using ''with sharing'' and the user does not have access to the orders related to the opportunity.
  • C. The trigger should be using RunAs() when creating the order.
  • D. Trigger is using IsCreateable() Apex method and the user doesn't have create permission on the Oder object.

Answer: B


Universal Containers has a set of Account Management users that should only see Accounts once the Account becomes a customer. The Type field on the Account identifies whether the Account is a Prospect, Customer, Partner or Other. Which two methods could an Architect use to enable this sharing requirement, assuming a private sharing model for Accounts?

Choose 2 answers.

  • A. Create an Account Sharing Rule that shares all Accounts owned by Sales to be shared with Account Management roles and subordinates.
  • B. Create a Public List View, where Accounts of Type Customer are included and share the List view with the Account Management public group.
  • C. Create a Criteria-based Sharing rule that shares the Account to the Account Management Group when the Type is Customer.
  • D. Institute a process that calls for the Account Manager to be added to the Account Team once the Account becomes a customer.

Answer: C,D


Universal Containers (UC) is in legal dispute regarding several orders. UC has found out these records were removed from system. The VP of Sales has asked to ensure this cannot happen in the future. What approach would meet this requirement?

  • A. Remove order delete permission from profiles and permission sets.
  • B. Implement a sharing rule that changes access for the records to read.
  • C. Change the record type/page layout assignment for orders to be read-only.
  • D. Remove the delete button from the Order page layout.

Answer: A


Universal Containers has developed Apex code to manually create AccountShare records to grant specific users access to individual Accounts. What must the Architect do to ensure the AccountShare records are not deleted when the owner of the Account is changed?

  • A. Create the share records and set the RowCause to a custom Apex Sharing Reason
  • B. Create the share records in a class with the "Without Sharing" keyword
  • C. Create the share records and set the RowCause to Manual
  • D. Create the share records with the Delete on Owner Change field set to false

Answer: A



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