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CrowdStrike CCFA-200 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Explain the differences between the visibility and hunting reports
  • Explain what information is in the Falcon UI Audit Trail Report
Topic 2
  • Create a new user, delete a user and edit a user, etc
  • Describe the capabilities and limitations of each RTR role
Topic 3
  • Allowlist network traffic so it can connect to contained hosts
  • Explain the information shown in the remote logon activity report
Topic 4
  • Explain what precedence does regarding prevention policies
  • Determine roles required for access to features and functionality in the Falcon console
Topic 5
  • Explain what information is contained in Machine-Learning Prevention Monitoring Report
  • Explain the effect of disabling detections on a host
Topic 6
  • Determine which reports to use when reporting on information relating to a host
  • Apply appropriate settings to successfully install a Falcon sensor on Windows, Linux and macOS
Topic 7
  • Configure custom alerts to notify individuals about policies, detections and incidents
  • Recall how long inactive sensors are retained to define your data backup plan
Topic 8
  • Perform root cause analysis related to system
  • user issues
  • Apply additional
  • advanced options for images
  • VDIs, tokens and tags

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CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Administrator Sample Questions (Q23-Q28):


Where in the Falcon console can information about supported operating system versions be found?

  • A. Discover module
  • B. Support module
  • C. Configuration module
  • D. Intelligence module

Answer: B


Which of the following Machine Learning (ML) sliders will only detect or prevent high confidence malicious items?

  • A. Cautious
  • B. Aggressive
  • C. Moderate
  • D. Minimal

Answer: D


In order to quarantine files on the host, what prevention policy settings must be enabled?

  • A. Next-Gen Antivirus Prevention sliders and "Quarantine & Security Center Registration" must be enabled
  • B. Malware Protection and Windows Anti-Malware Execution Blocking must be enabled
  • C. Malware Protection and Custom Execution Blocking must be enabled
  • D. Behavior-Based Threat Prevention sliders and Advanced Remediation Actions must be enabled

Answer: B


How do you assign a Prevention policy to one or more hosts?

  • A. Create a new policy and assign it directly to those hosts on the Host Management page
  • B. Ensure the hosts are in a group and assign that group to a custom Prevention policy
  • C. Create a new policy and assign it directly to those hosts on the Prevention policy page
  • D. Modify the users roles on the User Management page

Answer: B


How do you find a list of inactive sensors?

  • A. Run the Sensor Aging Report within the Investigate option
  • B. Run the Inactive Sensor Report in the Host setup and management option
  • C. The Falcon platform does not provide reporting for inactive sensors
  • D. A sensor is always considered active until removed by an Administrator

Answer: B



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