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Tips & Materials to Prepare for Cisco 200-901 Exam

To master this Cisco test, you may opt for utilizing the following tricks as well as prep resources:

  • Take practice tests

    Answering numerous questions in practice tests is the best way of preparing for any validation as these files place you in a simulated environment due to special software. Thus, you can gauge not just your knowledge of the exam-related concepts but also see if you are able to perform under pressure. Plus, opting for these valuable materials will help you check your readiness before scheduling the official test.

  • Complete the recommended training course

    The training course associated with the DevNet Associate certification is “Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Platforms (DEVASC)”. Enrolling in it, you will go over the main topics of the curriculum that focus on software development, understanding & effective utilizing APIs, Cisco platforms, application development and security, infrastructure alongside automation, and network fundamentals. All in all, this training course is designed to generate a skilled workforce for associate-level roles in network automation engineering. With the help of multiple training sessions, it schools the specialists about techniques to resolve realistic problems by the means of Cisco APIs and modern development tools. Apart from making you take up 200-901 exam, this training course helps Cisco certificate holders to earn 48 CE credits towards recertification. In all, this training course is available via the instructor-led, virtual-led, and e-learning modes and comes with zero prerequisites. However, it is suggested that the interested candidate should be aware of baseline computer or PC navigating skills along with internet usage skills. What is more, a considerable amount of Python understanding will make things more understandable for you. When it comes to the course modes, in the first option, the candidate will get the privilege to learn the key concepts of DevNet in a 5-day classroom environment along with 3-day of self-study. This classroom training will happen at a Cisco-verified learning center near the candidate’s location. In the second type, the enrolled candidates will get 5 days of classroom lectures that they can access from anywhere in the world along with the 3 days of a self-study program. If you remember, there is also an e-learning option as well. This means that you will get 8-day training equivalent to the classroom instructions. Overall, the entire course is focused on 13 different topics, out of which 4 are covered under self-study mode and the rest are explained by lectures. It should be mentioned that there are lab sessions as well to impart in the applicants the much-needed hands-on skills.

  • Get hands-on experience with Cisco platforms

    One of the best ways of making sure you’re on the top of your game is by refining your practical skills. Such an exam will test you in many ways including how to solve practical issues using Cisco APIs and managing application deployment and security. Thus, acquiring real-world experience with regards to these subjects will be very beneficial to you to get through 200-901, and beyond.

  • Utilize the resources from Cisco Press

    The Cisco Press website offers an array of extremely valuable resources that you can utilize to better prepare for the final exam. As a rule, there are several official study guides for 200-901 that contain key information like the outline of the test and updates on any new changes to the syllabus. The most preferred study resource by the Cisco Press is the Cisco 200-901 Official Cert Guide, which is available as hardcover and e-book options. Pen-downed by authors like Ashutosh Malegaonkar, Chris Jackson, Jason Gooley, and Adrian Iliesiu, it is the best-trusted source to cover every DEVASC 200-901 exam included topic. This Official Cert Guide contains the most recent and updated information about the Cisco 200-901 exam and helps candidates to gain deeper insights into exam topics. It has gained much love and appreciation because of the ideal blend of contextual and practical presentation of associated exam contents. Readers of this exam guide will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of leading, logical, time-critical, and industry-accepted features of application deployment, security, infrastructure, automation, and network fundamentals.

  • Opt for exam review materials & tools offered by the vendor

    There is one more way to be exam-ready in no time and secure passing grades in your DEVASC 200-901 exam and it is taking the help of the Cisco Exam Review: DevNet Associate tool. This exam review puts candidates’ inherited understanding of all the necessary concepts before the actual exam and helps them find out their loopholes. All in all, it contains more than 100 questions to help test-takers get exam-ready by all means and covers all the test topics diligently. For improving the practical understanding, we would suggest becoming a part of the Cisco Modelling Labs, which leaves no stone unturned to generate a highly skilled workforce that is capable of solving real-world issues.


The Cisco 200-901 test has no official prerequisites. However, it is pretty important to have extensive knowledge of its subject areas. First of all, the students should possess the competence in developing and maintaining applications built on top of Cisco platforms. Additionally, it is essential to have the basic skills in PC operating system navigation and practical experience in working with Python.

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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Success to be a Cisco certified person is not very easy. Only a few people can be Cisco certified. Support Cisco certification is very important when you are preparing for the exam certification. CCNA certification will help you in the future. Hours of preparation CCNA is a Cisco certification in networking and networking technologies which is required in many companies and organizations to get a job. Cisco 200-901 Dumps is a question that is used for Cisco exam certification. It is very helpful for candidates who do not have time to go to the class. Do not get hurt when you get negative news related to Cisco exam. Use god news related to Cisco exam. Schedule of your preparation Ccna is one of the important Cisco certifications which is required in many companies and organizations to get a job.

Cisco DevNet Associate Exam Sample Questions (Q363-Q368):


Drag and Drop the GIT commands from the left onto the right that add modified local files to a remote repository. Not all options are used




Which action does the Git command git merge allow the developer to perform?

  • A. Create, list, rename, and delete branches
  • B. Switch between branches
  • C. Push changes to the remote repository
  • D. Combine multiple sequences of commits into one unified history

Answer: D


Explanation/Reference: https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/using-branches/git-merge


Which traffic is handled on the control plane?

  • A. BGP
  • B. SMB
  • C. NTP

Answer: A


Which two concepts describe test-driven development? (Choose two.)

  • A. Implementation is driven by incremental testing of release candidates.
  • B. It enables code refactoring.
  • C. Tests are created when code is ready for release.
  • D. User acceptance testers development the test requirements.
  • E. Write a test before writing code.

Answer: A,E




Drag and drop the capability on the left onto the Cisco compute management platform that supports the capability on the right.





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