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Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Sample Questions (Q13-Q18):


View the Exhibit.

The file came from your Automated Installer (AI) install server.

The file is ____________.

  • A. A custom AI manifest
  • B. The default AI conf ig file for non-global zones
  • C. The default AI manifest for non-global zones
  • D. An AI SC profile for non-global zones

Answer: A


ai_manifest -Automated installation manifest file format

Synopsis /usr/share/install/ai.dtd.1 Some customizations have been made,such as the selection of specific locales.


You start to execute a program by using the following command:

~/bigscript &

You then determine that the process is not behaving as expected, and decide that you need to terminate the process.

Based on the information shown below, what is the process number you should terminate?

  • A. 0
  • B. 1
  • C. 2
  • D. 3

Answer: A




From the output exhibit we can deduce that the shell has id 15156.

It has spawned three subprocesses:

grep: id 15166

ps -aef 15165

The remaining 15163 must be the subshell (see note below).

This is the id of the process which should be terminated.


View the Exhibit and review the file system information displayed from a remote server.

You are configuring a new server. This new server has the following storage pool configured:

This new server also has the following file systems configured:

When you are finished building this new server, the pool1/data dataset must be an exact duplicate of note server. What is the correct procedure to create the pool1/data dataset on this new server?

  • A. zfs create mountpoint=/data pool1/data
  • B. zfs set mountpoint=none pool1 zfs create -o mountpoint=/data -o quota=1g pool1/data
  • C. zfs set quota=1g pool1/data
  • D. zfs set mountpoint=none pool1 zfs create pool1/data
  • E. zfs create -o mountpoint=/data -o refquota=1g pool1/data
  • F. zfs create quota=1g pool1/data

Answer: E


View the Exhibit to see the information taken from the installation log file.

Based on the information presented in the Exhibit, which two options describe the state of the system when the server is booted for the first time after the installation is complete?

  • A. You will be prompted to configure the network interface after the initial login.
  • B. NWAM will be used to configure the network interface.
  • C. You cannot log in from the console as root. You must first log in as a user and then su to root account.
  • D. The network/physical service is offline.
  • E. The root user can log in from the console login.

Answer: D,E


Reference: How the Network Is Configured in Oracle Solaris 11


This iron is displayed on the desktop of a laptop computer, which is running Oracle Solaris 11.

Which two statements describe the Information conveyed by this Icon?

  • A. NWAM is automatically configuring the network.
  • B. The wireless network card is manually configured but not operational.
  • C. The wireless network card is automatically configured and operational.
  • D. The wireless network card is automatically configured but not operational.
  • E. NWAM is disabled.
  • F. The wireless network card is manually configured and operational.

Answer: A,F


B: The Network Status notification icon is only displayed on the desktop if you are using NWAM to automatically configure your network.

C: All online (Wireless)

Indicates all manually enabled connections in the enabled network profile are online and that the

required number of connections in the enabled profile group (if such a group exists) are online.

The required number is the same as those described for the All online (Wired) status.

Note that at least one online connection is wireless.

Reference: Oracle Solaris Administration: Network Interfaces and Network Virtualization ,

Checking the Status of Your Network Connection



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