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Test Details

The MCD - Level 1 exam will be coming with 60 questions in the form of multiple-choices. This test will be in English and will endure for 2 hours. The minimum score needed to achieve a passing mark is 70% while the registration fee goes for $250. You are allowed to take such an exam up to five times, though you have to wait for 24 hours before making another attempt. Interestingly enough, this MuleSoft validation can also be purchased through Flexible Training Credits (FTC) priced at $250 per credit as well. So, if you go this route, you will need 1.00 FTC to get access to your test. You will have two years before you can renew your MCD - Level 1 (Mule 4) certification.

Understanding functional and technical aspects of MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 Deploying and managing APIs and integrations

The following will be asked from you in the exam:

  • Use CloudHub properties to ensure deployment success
  • Create and deploy API proxies
  • Create SLA tiers and apply SLA based policies
  • Package Mule applications for deployment

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MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4) Sample Questions (Q150-Q155):


Refer to the exhibits.

What payload and variable are logged at the end of the main flow?

  • A. [[5, 10, 15, 20], 5]
  • B. [[5, 10, 15, 20], 1]
  • C. [[Req5, Req10, Req15, Req20], 5]
  • D. [Req5Req10,Req15Req20, 5]

Answer: A


Correct answer is [[5, 10, 15, 20], 5]

Key thing to note here is that any changes made to payload in for each loop are not available outside for each scope where as variable value updated in for each loop is visible out side for each loop too.


A Mule application contains an ActiveMQ JMS dependency. The Mule application was developed in Anypoint Studio and runs successfully in Anypoint Studio.

The Mule application must now be exported from Anypoint Studio and shared with another developer.

What export options create the smallest JAR file that can be imported into the other developer's Anypoint Studio and run successfully?

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option C
  • C. Option B
  • D. Option D

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibits.

The <when> expression for the Choice router needs to be written.

What is a valid <when> expression to route Mule events to the non-default flow?

  • A. #[ company = "MuleSoft" ]
  • B. #[ if( 'MuteSoff == ]
  • C. #[ if( company = "MuleSoft") ]
  • D. #['MuleSoft' == paytoad'company']

Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit.

The Mule application Is debugged in Any point Studio and stops at the breakpoint What is the value of the payload displayed In the debugger at this breakpoint?

  • A. 0
  • B. "Start"
  • C. Complete"
  • D. "Processing"

Answer: B


Refer to the exhibits.

What is written to the records.csv file when the flow executes?

  • A. The JSON payload
  • B. Nothing
  • C. The payload convert to CVS
  • D. An error message

Answer: A



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