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Tableau Desktop-Specialist: Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Certification Path

Exam Training teaches you how to interpret test questions and how long you will be absent from class.Our Readiness for Examination: Tableau Certified Solutions Architect - A training class in the class room or engaging in a physical or virtual classroom with Tableau Approved Learner is provided in different formats. Free digital training for learning whenever needed. The course reviews sample questions in each subject and how the tested subjects are to be learned and makes it possible to prevent incorrect responses. Find the best selection for you.

Experience of Tableau in computation, networking, storage and database applications Practical experience in Tableau deployment and operating systemsThe ability of Tableau-based software to identify and establish functional criteria. The opportunity to define which Tableau systems meet specific technical requirements. Knowledge of recommended best practices for secure and effective Tableau platform implementations. Understanding Tableau Cloud's main architectural tenets. Tableau worldwide understanding of infrastructure. An awareness of network infrastructure relevant to Tableau. Understand the safety features and services of Tableau and its links to traditional providers.

The benefit of obtaining the Tableau Desktop-Specialist: Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Certification

Among the rivals are the IT professionals certified by Amazon. When appointing candidates for a job interview employer, Tableau certified development partners would simply provide them with the benefit of informing them of all that makes the candidate vary. Amazon Certified IT professionals have networks more useful and relevant for their career objectives. Tableau Accredited Developer offers you the right professional guidance that you can not usually get without a diploma. Amazon IT professionals who are accredited are positive and distinct from other professionals since they have more experience than uncertified professionals. As most uncertified professionals do not realize, the resource is used rapidly and cost-effectively by AMAZON Accredited IT professionals.

The Tableau Certified Developer certification allows applicants to become professionals in all aspects of their skills. Instead of waiting or finishing years, Tableau certificates for certified production provide a way to find a position in which you compete without any experience.

What is the duration, language, and format of Tableau Desktop-Specialist: Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam

  • Passing score: 72%
  • Duration of Exam: 130 minutes
  • No negative marking for wrong answers
  • Number of Questions: 65

Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Sample Questions (Q136-Q141):


Which of the following are valid reasons to use a Tableau Data Extract (.tde) over Live Connections?

  • A. To have access to the freshest possible data at all times
  • B. To support additional functionality such as count distinct
  • C. Help improve performance
  • D. Fast to create

Answer: B,C,D



From the official documentation, the following are the major advantages of using Tableau Data Extracts:

From Tableau 2020.2 onwards, .hyper is the recommended way since it is faster than .tde!


Is it possible to make a Measure discrete?

  • A. No
  • B. Yes

Answer: B



Of course! Follow along:

Right click on any measure, and choose Discrete as shown:

Once you do this, the green pill becomes blue in colour, indicating that it is now Discrete!


How can you format an axis as Bold in Tableau?

  • A. By choosing the axis and selecting Command/Control + B on your keyboard
  • B. By right clicking on the axis, choosing format, and then setting its font to bold.
  • C. By clicking on Format on the main menu bar, choosing field labels, and setting it to bold.
  • D. By right clicking on the axis, choosing Edit Axis, and then setting its font to bold.

Answer: B



To make an axis bold, simply right click it, select format, and then click on Font to choose Bold:

None of the other options are valid ways to make the axis bold.

Read more about editing axis:


The View Data window displays as much of the data as possible by default, up to _______________ rows.

  • A. 15,000
  • B. 10,000
  • C. 20,000
  • D. 5,000

Answer: B



The View Data window displays as much of the data as possible by default, up to 10,000 rows. This can be increased though, if you wish to.

Read more:


________________ is hosted by Tableau to share our visualisations publically with the world.

  • A. Tableau Public
  • B. Tableau Desktop
  • C. Tableau Server
  • D. Tableau Reader

Answer: A



Tableau Public is a free service that lets anyone publish interactive data visualizations to the web.

Visualizations that have been published to Tableau Public ("vizzes") can be embedded into web pages and blogs, they can be shared via social media or email, and they can be made available for download to other users.

Check it out :



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