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Why IIA-CRMS Exam is important?

The IIA-CRMS certification helps to prove that you understand how to manage and control the organization's risk management needs. Achieving this certification is an indication that you can implement and monitor the risk management plan and also command and manage the emerging risks effectively within the organization. Organizationwide rate of risk landscape is the main factor that affects the organization's performance and profitability. Engagements with the IIA-CRMA exam dumps will improve your skills till it expires. The worth of IIA-CRMS certification is the recognition that you have expertise in managing and controlling risk to achieve a particular goal.

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IIA Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) Exam Sample Questions (Q224-Q229):


This chief audit executive (CAE) engaged an internal auditor to consult on an organization's complex information technology system. Shortly after beginning the engagement, the auditor unexpectedly resigned.

Unfortunately, this auditor was the only available auditor with the necessary expertise. The CAE will not be able to hire someone with similar expertise in time to meet a regulatory deadline.

Which of the following would be the best course of action for the CAE to take?

  • A. Ask that a senior member of the organization's IT department with the required systems expertise join the audit team to assist in completing the engagement.
  • B. Continue with the engagement in order to meet the regulatory deadline, but highlight areas in the final report that might need to be revised in the future.
  • C. Delay the engagement and inform the board of the situation, asking them to provide acceptable alternatives for completing the engagement.
  • D. Remove the planned engagement from the audit plan and explain to senior management the problems with moving forward without an auditor with the necessary expertise.

Answer: C


In which of the following functions would fraud be most likely to occur?

  • A. Collecting payments on accounts.
  • B. Maintaining custody of inventory records.
  • C. Preparing customer statements.
  • D. Approving changes to employee records.

Answer: A


According to IIA guidance, which of the following is the best example of a system application control?

  • A. An input control over data integrity.
  • B. A physical security control over a data center.
  • C. A system development life cycle control.
  • D. A program change management control.

Answer: A


Which of the following is an example of collusion?

  • A. An employee works with the IT manager to develop a program for identifying duplicate invoice payments.
  • B. A vendor inflates the price of an item and remits a portion of the excess to the purchasing manager.
  • C. A vendor sends a duplicate invoice with a new invoice number, and the accounts payable system fails to detect the duplication.
  • D. An employee includes a faked receipt in his expense claim, and the claim is signed by the employee's manager.

Answer: B


What type of risk management strategy is being employed when an organization installs two firewalls to provide protection from unauthorized access to the network?

  • A. Sharing the risk that either firewall could be compromised by hackers.
  • B. Avoiding the risk of having a direct network connection to un-trusted networks.
  • C. Accepting the risk that there may be attempts at unauthorized access to the network.
  • D. Diversifying the risk that network access will not be available to legitimate, authorized users.

Answer: D



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