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CIMA F3 Financial Strategy Sample Questions (Q104-Q109):


Company Z has identified four potential acquisition targets: companies A, B, C and D.

Company Z has a current equity market value of $580 million.

The price it would have to pay for the equity of each company is as follows:

Only one of the target companies can be acquired and the consideration will be paid in cash.

The following estimations of the new combined value of Company Z have been prepared for each acquisition before deduction of the cash consideration:

Ignoring any premium paid on acquisition, which acquisition should the directors pursue?

  • A. B
  • B. A
  • C. D
  • D. C

Answer: D


A company is considering taking out $10.000,000 of floating rate bank borrowings to finance a new project.

The current rate available to the company on floating rate barrowings is 8%. The borrowings contain a covenant based on an interested cover of 5 times.

The project is expected to generate the following results:

At what interest rate on the floating rate borrowings is the bank covenant first breached?

  • A. 9.4%
  • B. 10.0%
  • C. 8.0%
  • D. 11.0%

Answer: D


A company wishes to raise new finance using a rights issue to invest in a new project offering an IRR of


The following data applies:

* There are currently 1 million shares in issue at a current market value of $4 each.

* The terms of the rights issue will be $3.50 for 1 new share for 5 existing shares.

* The company's WACC is currently 8%.

What is the yield-adjusted theoretical ex-rights price (TERP)?

Give your answer to 2 decimal places.

$ ?



4.06, 4.060


A company's main objective is to achieve an average growth in dividends of 10% a year.

In the most recent financial year:

Sales are expected to grow at 8% a year over the next 5 years.

Costs are expected to grow at 5% a year over the next 5 years.

What is the minimum dividend payout ratio in 5 years' time that would allow the company to achieve its objective?

  • A. 27.5%
  • B. 22.5%
  • C. 21.7%
  • D. 30.0%

Answer: C


Company X plans to acquire Company Y.

Pre-acquisition information:

Post-acquisition information:

Total combined earnings are expected to increase by 10%

Total combined P/E multiple will remain at 10 times

Which of the following share-for-share exchanges will result in an increase of 10% in Company X's share price post-acquisition?

  • A. 1 share in Company X for 2.75 shares in Company Y
  • B. 1 share in Company X for 2 shares in Company Y
  • C. 2 shares in Company X for 1 shares in Company Y
  • D. 3 shares in Company X for 5 shares in Company Y

Answer: D



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