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Understanding functional and technical aspects of Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist

The following will be asked from you in the SALESFORCE CPQ-SPECIALIST exam dumps:

  • Select and set up advanced or native approvals to meet business requirements

A candidate for this exam will likely need assistance with:

  • Advanced quote template topics
  • Nested bundles
  • Nested quote terms
  • Block with discount schedule
  • Composite summary variable

A candidate for this exam is not expected to know how or do the following:

  • Legacy Data Handling
  • Target URL in custom actions
  • CPQ plug-ins

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Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist Sample Questions (Q44-Q49):


Universal Containers wants to have quantity requirements for certain Product options in a bundle. The Product Option's quantity must be multiplied by the quantity of the bundle product. How should the Admin set this up in the bundle to meet the requirement?

Select the Multiplier checkbox on the Bundle.

  • A. Select Component as the Type field on the Product Option.
  • B. Select the Quantity Editable checkbox on the Product Option.
  • C. Select the Bundled checkbox on the Product Option.

Answer: B


Universal Containers has decided to mark up prices instead of discounting. Product A is valued at $10 andProduct B is valued at $20. Product A is a 10% markup and Product B is a 20% markup. Which pricing method would the Admin set up, and what would the final price be for each product?

  • A. Cost, Product A price would be $11, Product B price would be $24
  • B. List,Product A price would be $11, Product B price would be $24
  • C. List, Product A price would be $11, Product B Price would be $22
  • D. Cost, Product A price would be $12, Product B price would be $24

Answer: A


Universal Containers (UC) serves different Quote Line fields to users based on whether a Quote represents business, an amendment, or a renewal. Users have complained about numerous renewal-related Quote fields that show up in the Quote Line Editor irrespective of the Quote's Type.

In addition to creating custom Quote field sets for each Type, how should the UC admin meet this requirement?

  • A. Create a Quote formula field called HeaderFieldSetName that returns the name of the applicable field set.
  • B. Create a Quote Line formula field called EditLinesFieldSetName that returns the name of the applicable field set.
  • C. Use a Price Rule to populate the Quote field called EditLinesFieldSetName with the name of the applicable field set.
  • D. Use a Price Rule to populate the Quote field called HeaderFieldSetName with the name of the applicable field set.

Answer: B


If a manager is taking a leave of absence, how can the Admin using Advanced Approval ensure that another manager will receive Approval requests during the period in which the original manager absent?

  • A. Create an Approval Rule with an Effective Start Date and Effective End Date spanning the absence. Populate the Approver field of the rule with the subtitle Approver, then add the rule to the existing Approval chain as the first step.
  • B. On the original manager's Approver record, reference a different manager's Approver record in the Next Approver lookup field. Clear the Next Approver lookup field once the original manager returns from leave.
  • C. Create a new Approver record, with the Group ID field set to the ID of a Public Group that contains all of the managers. On the original manager's Approver record, click the Replace button and select the new Approver record.
  • D. On the original manager's Approver record, set the Delegated Approver lookup field to reference a different manager's Approver record, and set the Delegated End field for the date of the original manager's return.

Answer: D


Universal Containers sells a monthly subscription service with tiered pricing:

Which approach will allow the Quote Line's List Price to reflect these tiers?

  • A. Set the Product's Pricing Method = Block and Create Block Prices
  • B. Set the Product's Pricing Method = List and Create Block Prices.
  • C. Create a Discount Schedule with Type = Range and Discount Unit = Price.
  • D. Create a Discount Schedule with Type = Slab and Discount Unit = Amount.

Answer: A



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