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Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Class Project: Troubleshoot Common Scenarios in Salesforce CPQ
  • Get Familiar with Products, Price Books, and Price Book Entries
Topic 2
  • Explore Additional Course Resources
  • Modify Out-of-the-Box Button Behavior for Product Selection
Topic 3
  • Create Lookup Queries to Outsource Evaluation to a Lookup Object
  • Review List Pricing, Cost Plus Markup, and Block Pricing
Topic 4
  • Review Product Fields Integral to Basic Salesforce CPQ Functionality
  • Enforce Business Logic with Product Features
Topic 5
  • Generate New Contracts to Manage Active Subscriptions Related to an Account
  • Use Contracted Pricing for Negotiated Prices

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Salesforce Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution Sample Questions (Q53-Q58):


An admin has created a validation Product Rule that must display an error message upon clicking Sava if a Product Option is selected while a Configuration Attribute is set to a spacific value. When tha usar chooses the Product Option, than sets the Configuration Attribute to the specific value. The error massage appears before Save is clicked.

What can the admin change on the Product Rule or Configuration Attribute to ensure the error message only appears upon clicking Save?

  • A. Change tha Configuration Attribute field Apply Immadiately to False.
  • B. Change tha Product Rule field Evaluation Evant to Sava.
  • C. Change tha Product Option fiald Apply Immediately to Trua.
  • D. Add a Product Rule Error Condition to chack if Evaluation Action = Sava.

Answer: A


Users at Universal Containers have reported when amending a contract, the net pricing of some products is incorrect. The Admin has done a preliminary investigation and found that the issue only happens on existing products when their quantity is adjusted. What is the likely cause?

  • A. A Price Rule is firing On Calculate and changing the Effective Quantity.
  • B. The Revised Quantity has been set on the Subscription record.
  • C. A Price Rule is firing Before Calculate and changing the Regular Unit Price.
  • D. The Products have a Discount Schedule and Cross Order is not selected.

Answer: D


Universal Containers Sells a monthly subscription service with tiered pricing:

Which two pricing configurations meet these requirements?

Choose two answers

  • A. List pricing with slab Discount Schedule
  • B. Block pricing with range Discount Schedule
  • C. List pricing with lookup price Rule
  • D. Block pricing with slab Discount Schedule
  • E. Block pricing with overage

Answer: D,E


"An Admin has created a bundle with four Product Options for Products A, B, C, and D.

When configuring the bundle, the User should be limited to selecting either Product C, Product D, or neither of the two - but never both.

How should the Admin set up Bundle A to accomplish this?

  • A. Create a Product Feature and set both Min Options and Max Options to 4.
  • B. Create an Option Constraint and set Type = Exclusion"
  • C. Create a Product Feature and set both Min Options and Max Options to 1.
  • D. Create an Option Constraint and set Type = Dependency

Answer: B


An admin wants to map Configuration Attribute values to Quote Lines that are for parent bundle products only. The fields are set up to correctly map between Quote Lines and Product Options.

Which setup will ensure this condition is met?

  • A. On the Configuration Attribute. Apply to Product Options is False.
  • B. On the child options. Apply Immediately is False and Apply Immediately Context is Always.
  • C. On the Configuration Attribute. Auto-Select is False.
  • D. On the bundled parent. Apply to Product Options is False.

Answer: D



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