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Certification questions containing many questions from ACFE CFE examinations which help the candidate succeed in the ACFE CFE test. ACFE CFE Investigation exam dumps questions from ValidVCE make the preparation of candidates more effective and, to the best of all, our specialists in a number of areas of the IT sector have developed the training material offered by ValidVCE for ACFE CFE examinations. Fraud examiners usually get professional education in accountancy, banking, corporate and/or finances as well as civil and criminal law procedures and in financial IT and data storage. There are colleges that provide a degree in fraud and financial crime research and master programs in financial crime and fraud management. There is a degree in economic transparency international's corruption management. Some institutions provide post-graduate certificates for students who have an advanced degree in another field for fraud/financial crime research. Students in these schools usually learn to evaluate financial reporting and bank documents. They also do forensic audits. They detect suspected and/or fraudulent activities. Fraud examiners are often able to enter their training by graduating in a variety of fields like management, finance, finance, sociology, and psychology with an associate or a bachelor's degree. There are many kinds of training programs, including master programs, intended to teach the skills needed to operate as a fraud examiner. Some scammers start their careers in criminal law or accounting, whereas many scammers are Public Accountants Certified (CPAs).

Introduction to ACFE CFE-Investigation: Certified Fraud Examiner - Investigation Exam

The accounting industry demands that employees become students throughout their careers and stay up to speed with the newest rules and regulations. Many auditors are thus specialized in a short and mid-fields, such as fraud. Fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year, and organizations must do so too, as thieves get smarter. Organizations focus on industry specialists called Certified Fraud Examiners to prevent and identify fraud (CFE).

The CFE certification was established by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in the late 1980s. Ever since then, fraud investigators worldwide have been certified to learn about the best practices and improve their careers in fraud prevention. CFEs have expert professional knowledge and a profound knowledge of the way criminals are trying to scam companies. This page describes ACFE CFE Investigation exam dumps.

ACFE, an independent organization providing training in the field of anti-fraud and establishing standards for the correct conduct of fraud investigations, supervises and administers the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) certification program. In order to be a CFE, applicants must have a minimum degree in accounting, criminal justice, fraud investigations, loss prevention and/or an occupation of law and have at least two years experience. The ACFE shall further prolong accreditation eligibility for applicants without two years of industry experience, provided that the candidates have master's or doctorate qualifications and/or certifications related to the security of accounting, finance and/or information systems. Eligible applicants must participate in the ACFE, pass the CFE Certification Examination and undertake to comply with the CFE Professional Ethics Code before accreditation. ACFE CFE Investigation exam dumps is the best way to clear all the critical concepts in the examination.

ACFE Certified Fraud Examiner - Investigation Exam Sample Questions (Q125-Q130):


Which of the following is INCORRECT with regard to locating individuals using online records?

  • A. Before engaging in a search the fraud examine' should know the mod powerful and useful '>Des of searches
  • B. If an individual has moved, obtaining a past address is usually of no help
  • C. Online records are very useful in locating subjects whose whereabouts are unknown
  • D. Obtaining a past address of the subject should be the first step in trying to locate a subject using online records.

Answer: B


Which at the following situations would most likely requite access to nonpublic records to develop evidence?

  • A. Reviewing an individual's personal mobile phone records
  • B. Finding out where a person lives
  • C. Obtaining a company's business filings
  • D. Determining who owns a piece of real estate

Answer: C


The most common method of detection in corruption cases is:

  • A. By accident
  • B. Internal audits
  • C. Internal controls
  • D. Tips

Answer: D


Which of the following is NOT a step a fraud examiner must take before seizing evidence in a digital forensic investigation?

  • A. Ensure that only trained professionals employ any software used in a forensic capacity
  • B. Determine whether there are privacy issues related to the item(s) to be searched.
  • C. Obtain and become familiar with any legal orders that apply to the investigation
  • D. Assemble an investigation team comprised only of outside digital forensic experts

Answer: C


Marilyn, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). is reasonably sure that Shelly, her primary suspect, committed the fraud in question Before scheduling an admission-seeking interview with Shelly. Marilyn should be reasonably sure of all of the following EXCEPT:

  • A. That all reasonable investigative steps have been taken
  • B. That the interview's subject matter can be controlled
  • C. That the interview's time and location can be controlled
  • D. That no other person was involved in the fraud in question

Answer: D



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