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IBM C1000-140 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Identify event drops, events going to storage and unknown events
  • Define domains and tenants requirements
Topic 2
  • Determine scope and size requirements for deployment
  • Determine QRadar deployment components
Topic 3
  • Review App Framework considerations (UBI)
  • Determine licensing requirements
Topic 4
  • Identify expensive rules and properties
  • Apply QRadar system Certificates
Topic 5
  • Determine content migration strategy
  • Define QRadar value reporting
  • Plan for placement of appliances
Topic 6
  • Configure authentication and access control
  • Determine QRadar apps and content value
Topic 7
  • Configure items which involve Multi-tenancy
  • Determine requirements for data retention
Topic 8
  • Performing system migration
  • Backup, recovery and data retention
  • Define and configure flow sources

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IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.4.3 Deployment Sample Questions (Q21-Q26):


Which statement is valid about the SAML authentication feature?

  • A. You cannot use the x509 certificate, only the provided QRadar_SAML certificate.
  • B. Users enter local credentials every time they access QRadar.
  • C. You can integrate QRadar with your corporate identity server to provide single sign-on.
  • D. Authentication is exchanged by using digitally signed HTML documents.

Answer: C


Which two statements are prerequisites for an to upgrade of QRadar? (Choose two.)

  • A. Clean up all the Offenses before any version upgrade.
  • B. Verify that all changes are deployed on the appliances.
  • C. Ensure an admin account is logged on the UI.
  • D. Verify that scan runs and reports are complete.
  • E. Ensure that the ISO file is copied to all the appliances.

Answer: C,D


Which of these views is provided by the DSM Editor?

  • A. Workspace, Flow tab, Event properties
  • B. Workspace, Event Mappings tab, Configuration tab
  • C. Event Mappings tab, Flow tab, Protocols
  • D. Dashboard, Event properties, Configuration tab

Answer: C


Which additional license is required to use the Am I Affected scan in the IBM Security QRadar Threat Intelligence app?

  • A. IBM Advanced Threat Protection Feed license
  • B. IBM Security QRadar Console license
  • C. IBM Security QRadar QVM license
  • D. IBM Watson license

Answer: D


Where does QRadar display R2R events?

  • A. The Remote Services window
  • B. The Tuning interface in the Use Case Manager app
  • C. The Network Activity tab
  • D. The Testing interface in the Log Source Manager app

Answer: B



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