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SAP C-THR87-2205 Certification Exam Topics:

Topic AreasTopic Details, Courses, Books
Employee History Data and Background Element > 12%

Configure Variable Pay background element and Employee History data file; define the relationship between the background element and employee history data file, as well as the importance of assignment dates; create basis using custom formula and add field to the  background element; upload Employee history data file and update Employee history data file.

Eligibility 8% - 12%

Describe how variable pay assigns bonus plans to eligible employees, add MDF and Legacy eligibility, and enable compensation eligibility for variable pay program.

Reports and Reward Statements 8% - 12%

Define Bonus payout report, details report, the different validation reports, varpay audit report, and generate reward statement.

  • Variable Pay Implement Guide
Bonus Plans < 8%

Define and create a bonus plan.

  • Variable Pay Implement Guide
Integration Scenarios 8% - 12%

Define scope and different integration projects involving Employee Central; integrate a Variable Pay plan.

  • Variable Pay Implement Guide

SAP C-THR87-2205 Exam Description:

The "SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay 1H/2022" certification exam verifies that the candidate possesses the basic knowledge in the area of the SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay application. This certificate proves that the candidate has a basic and overall understanding within the consultant profile of the industry solution and can implement this knowledge practically in projects under the guidance of an experienced consultant. It is recommended as an entry-level qualification to allow the consultant to get acquainted with the fundamentals of SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay.

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SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay 1H/2022 Sample Questions (Q58-Q63):


What task can you complete in Configure Label Names and Visibility?

  • A. Create custom fields.
  • B. Relabel employee history fields.
  • C. Change field groups.
  • D. Deactivate form sections.

Answer: D


How would you assign the same business goal to all employees in a non-EC integrated plan?

  • A. Use the Manage Employee grouping.
  • B. Use the correct performance management form template.
  • C. Use a common field value for all employees in the employee history file.
  • D. Use the user ID of each employee in the business goals file.

Answer: C


Which field-name attributes of a variable pay background element are reserved for a specific purpose? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. dfid1
  • B. ifid1
  • C. vfid5
  • D. ffid1

Answer: C,D


Which of the following scenarios are good uses of a global eligibility rule in an Employee Central integrated template? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Only employees in bonus plans "Executive", "Manager" or "Employee" are eligible to receive a bonus.
  • B. Only employees who have had less than 20 days of unpaid leave during the bonus period are eligible for a bonus.
  • C. Only employees who are active employees on January 1, 2020 are eligible to receive a bonus.
  • D. Only Permanent full-time employees are eligible to receive a bonus.

Answer: C,D


Your customer wants to ensure that no employee's bonus exceeds 200% of their bonus target. How can this be achieved?

  • A. Use a bonus plan multiplier of 200%.
  • B. Use guidelines where the maximum is set to 200%.
  • C. Use gates on business goals.
  • D. Use bonus plan caps.

Answer: D



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