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Salesforce ANC-201 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Translating Desktop Dashboards to a Mobile Device
  • Designing a Dashboard
Topic 2
  • Designing a Dashboard and Creating a Template
  • Building a Dashboard
Topic 3
  • Adding Filters to a Dashboard
  • Manage apps, lenses, dashboards, and datasets
Topic 4
  • Managing Apps, Lenses, Dashboards, and Datasets
  • Modify a Dashboard for Mobile
Topic 5
  • Adding Charts, Tables, and KPIs to a Dashboard
  • Dashboard Building Overview

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Salesforce Building Lenses, Dashboards, and Apps in Tableau CRM Sample Questions (Q206-Q211):


The model quality metrics of an Einstein Discovery story indicate that the GINI coefficient in the four folds are 0.82, 0.83, 0.84, and 0.75, respectively.

Which two actions should a consultant take? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Do not deploy the story immediately, and research why one fold is performing worse than the others.
  • B. Confirm that the overall GINI coefficient is good prior to deploying the story.
  • C. Deploy the story, because the variation in the metrics is within the normal range.
  • D. Research and check the dataset for outliers in the target field and the main predictors that are shown on top of the story.

Answer: A,B


An Einstein Consultant receives a request from the Marketing department to help them understand lead conversion. Presently, they are unaware of the percentage of leads that get converted to sales. They hope to view results by account manager, value, and quarter. The data is there, so the consultant can add it to the marketing dashboard.

How should this metric be calculated?

  • A. Create a new step in the dashboard using a compare table and define a formula.
  • B. Create a new step in the dashboard using a compare table and the running total function.
  • C. Create a computeExpression in the dataflow.
  • D. Create a formula field on the lead object in Salesforce and add it to the dataset.

Answer: C


How can you restrict access to Analytics data at the row level?

  • A. Use subtle thought control.
  • B. Manually add a flag to each row to prevent access.
  • C. Remove restricted rows from the JSON file.
  • D. Use a security predicate to filter which rows are returned.

Answer: D



Predicate is a name for a filter condition that defines row-level access to records in a dataset Example: "rowLevelSecurityFilter":"'AccountOwner' == \"$User.Name\""


The Universal Containers company built three Einstein Discovery stories that they want to use in Salesforce to predict and maximize their revenue per customer. The stories are for every region where they have business: EMEA, AMER, and APAC.

How can a consultant help them deploy the three Einstein models to Salesforce7

  • A. Deploy the same model to all accounts and use an Apex trigger to call the appropriate prediction.
  • B. Segment the account data per region and deploy the appropriate model for each segment.
  • C. Segment the account data per region and deploy the same model to all segments.
  • D. Deploy the same model to all accounts and set the region field as an actionable variable.

Answer: B




How do you create a regression timeseries?

  • A. In SAQL, use the timeseries function with the following arguments: Partition (the group_by piece), Seasonality (set to 12 to get yearly seasonality).

Answer: A



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