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What Other Important Details Should You Know?

The CompTIA 220-1002 exam is available in the Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, English, and German languages. During the main test, you will have to solve 90 multiple-choice, drag and drop, and performance-based tasks in 90 minutes. Also, it should be mentioned that you will need to have a Pearson VUE account to take this exam.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2 Sample Questions (Q411-Q416):


A Windows user reports that clicking on links when browsing the Internet results in unexpected destination pages with advertisements or virus infection warnings. The user reboots the computer, but the issue persists.

Which of the following should a technician perform to identify and resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. Delete all unknown registry keys and reboot
  • B. Uninstall any unknown browser extensions or add-ons
  • C. Enable SSL 3.0 in the browser settings
  • D. Run a virus scan with updated signature files
  • E. Install the latest version of the Internet browser

Answer: B,D


An IT manager receives a call from a user who states a technician completed work on a department laptop within the last week. The user indicates the technician tried to explain the issue with the laptop, but the user was unable to understand because the technician used a lot acronyms. Additionally, the user claims the technician spoke too quickly when explaining the issue and seemed preoccupied with a cell phone. The IT manager wants to address an email to the IT department to ensure the user's complaints are conveyed to the team. Which of the following should the IT manager recommend in the email to the team? (Select TWO).

  • A. Technicians should avoid distractions when speaking with users.
  • B. Technicians should avoid using technical jargon when speaking to users.
  • C. Technicians should avoid working in front of users.
  • D. Technicians should avoid setting an expectation for project completion in front of the user.
  • E. Technicians should avoid speaking to users who have complex issues.
  • F. Technicians should avoid trying to explain complex issues to users.

Answer: A,B


A user's mobile social media application is sending emails on behalf of the user. However, the user has not authorized any new permissions for the social media application. The user only has this application installed on their smart phone and no other devices. Which of the following should a technician perform to resolve the issue?

  • A. Deny access to text messages.
  • B. Instruct the user to change the device's password.
  • C. Disable access to the user's contacts.
  • D. Run a malware scan on the device.

Answer: B


Which of the following WiFi protocols is the MOST secure?

  • A. WEP
  • B. WPA-AES
  • D. WPA3

Answer: B


A technician is installing a private PC in a public workspace. Which of the following password practices should the technician implement on the PC to secure network access?

  • A. Remove the guest account from the administrators group
  • B. Issue a default strong password for all users
  • C. Require authentication on wake-up
  • D. Disable single sign-on

Answer: C



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