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NACE Coating Inspector Level 1 Sample Questions (Q81-Q86):


What is the minimum recommended distance away from an edge that an inspector should take a measurement with a dial-type magnetic pull-off Dry Film Thickness (DFT) gauge?

  • A. 2.5 cm (1 inch)
  • B. 6.35 cm (2.5 inch)
  • C. 2.5 millimeters (.10 inch)
  • D. 1 cm (.39 inch)

Answer: A


Good records can provide maintenance departments with detailed information about ALL of the following EXCEPT

  • A. what items were coated.
  • B. what materials were used.
  • C. how the item was coated.
  • D. when the coating will be reapplied.

Answer: C


Dew point is the temperature at which

  • A. water freezes.
  • B. the air is saturated.
  • C. condensation occurs.
  • D. humidity decreases

Answer: C


If inspectors identify issues of non-conformance during an inspection, they should

  • A. perform additional tests secretly to ensure there are no other potential issues at the site
  • B. instruct the contractor's personnel in how to correct the issue so the project is not delayed
  • C. wait until the final report is being prepared to identify the issues in writing so they are fully documented
  • D. inform both the Contractor and the inspector's supervisor so they can take appropriate corrective actions

Answer: D


A single application coating film has a measured dry film thickness (DFT) between 4 and 5 mils (between 100 and 125 microns). The volume solids of the coating immediately before application were 67%, What wet film thickness (WFT) was applied?

  • A. 6 to 7 mils (150 to 175 microns)
  • B. 8 to 10 mils (200 to 250 microns)
  • C. 5 to 6 mils (125 to 150 microns)
  • D. 10 to 12 mils (250 to 300 microns)

Answer: A



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