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What Does Target Audience for AWS DevOps Engineer - Professional Certification Look Like?

This certification targets developers and DevOps engineers who want to leverage their skills in how to handle AWS infrastructure and architecture solutions. Anyone who wants to become a well-paid DevOps Engineer will benefit from this certificate. Also, this certification aims at candidates who are interested in developing the proper knowledge of how to implement and manage different delivery systems, control, compliance validation, and governance processes on AWS. Those individuals who know how to define and deploy monitoring systems using AWS features are as well suitable candidates for this AWS certificate. Finally, with this certificate, applicants will also learn how to manage and maintain several tools that will create the automation of operational processes.

There are many books that you can use to gain the required information for the exam. It is best if you use multiple resources as it gives you a good mix of knowledge. The study guides you can choose are listed below:

  • Implementing DevOps on AWS by Veselin Kantsev
  • Effective DevOps with AWS by Nathaniel Felson
  • AWS Automation Cookbook by NIkit Swaraj
  • Continuous Delivery & DevOps – Quickstart by Paul Swartout

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Amazon AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional Sample Questions (Q128-Q133):


Your company has an application hosted on an Elastic beanstalk environment. You have been instructed that

whenever application changes occur and new versions need to be deployed that the fastest deployment

approach is employed. Which of the following deployment mechanisms will fulfil this requirement?

  • A. Rolling
  • B. Immutable
  • C. Rollingwith batch
  • D. Allatonce

Answer: D



The following table from the AWS documentation shows the deployment time for each deployment methods.

For more information on Elastic beanstalk deployments, please refer to the below link:


version, htm I


Your company releases new features with high frequency while demanding high application availability.

As part of the application's A/B testing, logs from each updated Amazon EC2 instance of the application need to be analyzed in near real-time, to ensure that the application is working flawlessly after each deployment. If the logs show arty anomalous behavior, then the application version of the instance is changed to a more stable one.

Which of the following methods should you use for shipping and analyzing the logs in a highly available manner?

  • A. Ship the logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs and use Amazon EMR to analyze the logs in a batch manner each hour.
  • B. Ship the logs to a large Amazon EC2 instance and analyze the logs in a live manner.
  • C. Store the logs locally on each instance and then have an Amazon Kinesis stream pull the logs for live analysis.
  • D. Ship the logs to Amazon S3 for durability and use Amazon EMR to analyze the logs in a batch manner each hour.
  • E. Ship the logs to an Amazon Kinesis stream and have the consumers analyze the logs in a live manner.

Answer: E


You currently run your infrastructure on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Auto Scalinggroup. All logs for your application are currentl\ written to ephemeral storage. Recently your company experienced a major bug in the code that made it through testing and was ultimately deployed to your fleet. This bug triggered your Auto Scalinggroup to scale up and back down before you could successfully retrieve the logs off your server to better assist you in troubleshooting the bug. Which technique should you use to make sure you are able to review your logs after your instances have shut down?

  • A. Install the CloudWatch Logs Agent on your AMI, and configure CloudWatch Logs Agent to stream your logs. V
  • B. Install the CloudWatch monitoring agent on your AMI, and set up new SNS alert for CloudWatch metrics that triggers the CloudWatch monitoring agent to backup all logs on the ephemeral drive.
  • C. Configure the ephemeral policies on your Auto Scaling group to back up on terminate.
  • D. Configure your Auto Scaling policies to create a snapshot of all ephemeral storage on terminate.

Answer: A



You can use Cloud Watch Logs to monitor applications and systems using log data. For example, CloudWatch Logs can track the number of errors that occur in your application logs and send you a notification whenever the rate of errors exceeds a threshold you specify.

CloudWatch Logs uses your log data for monitoring; so, no

code changes are required.

Option A and B are invalid because Autoscaling policies are not designed for these purposes.

Option D is invalid because you use Cloudwatch Logs Agent and not the monitoring agent.

For more information on Cloudwatch logs, please refer to the below link:



Which of the following is not a supported platform on Elastic Beanstalk?

  • A. PackerBuilder
  • B. Nodejs
  • C. Go
  • D. JavaSE
  • E. Kubernetes

Answer: E




Below is the list of supported platforms

*Packer Builder

*Single Container Docker

*Multicontainer Docker

*Preconfigured Docker


*Java SE

*Java with Tomcat

*NET on Windows Server with I IS






more information on the supported platforms please refer to the below link html


A company runs an application on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. The instances run in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones in us-east1. The application stores data in an Amazon RDS MySQL Multi-AZ DB instance.

A DevOps Engineer wants to modify the current solution and create a hot standby of the environment in another region to minimize downtime if a problem occurs in us-east-1.

Which combination of steps should the DevOps Engineer take to meet these requirements? (Select THREE.)

  • A. Create a new Application Load Balancer and Auto Scaling group in the disaster recovery region.
  • B. Deploy a read replica of the RDS instance in the disaster recovery region.
  • C. Enable multi-region failover for the RDS configuration for the database instance.
  • D. Extend the current Auto Scaling group to the subnets in the disaster recovery region.
  • E. Create an AWS Lambda function to evaluate the health of the primary region. If it fails, modify the Amazon Route 53 record to point at the disaster recovery region and elect the RDS master.
  • F. Add a health check to the Amazon Route 53 alias record to evaluate the health of the primary region. Use AWS Lambda, configured with an Amazon CloudWatch Events trigger, to elect the Amazon RDS master in the disaster recovery region.

Answer: A,B,D





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