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Oracle 1z0-1067-22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Implement automated notifications
  • Designing for cloud-scale agility
  • Describe and Configure OCI Vault
Topic 2
  • Utilize edge services for automated failover
  • recovery
  • Create secure access control policies
Topic 3
  • Use Object Storage Lifecycle policies for tiered data storage
  • Use the OCI CLI to simplify repetitive tasks
Topic 4
  • Manage infrastructure as code
  • Data Retention and Archival
Topic 5
  • Implement compartment quotas, budgets and billing alerts
  • Understand Metric Query Language (MQL) (Missing in ILP)

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Cloud Operations Professional Sample Questions (Q31-Q36):


A developer has created a file system in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) File Storage service. She launches an Oracle Linux compute instance and successfully mounts the file system from the instance.

She then tries writing to the file system from the compute instance using the following command:

touch /mnt/yourmountpoint/helloworld

But gets an error message:

touch: cannot touch'/mnt/yourmountpoint/helloworrld': Permission denied Which is a reason for this error? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Service limits or quota for file system writes have been breached.
  • B. User is connecting as the default Oracle Linux user 'opc' instead of 'root' user.
  • C. 'touch' command is not available in Oracle Linux by default.
  • D. Useris not part of any OCI Identity and Access Management group with write permissions to File Storage service.

Answer: B



https://docs.oracle.com/en-us/iaas/Content/File/Troubleshooting/cannotwrite.htm When a file system is created, the root user owns the root directory. If you're connecting from an instance that uses a Linux orCentOS platform image, the default user is opc. The default user is ubuntu when you connect from an instance that uses an Ubuntu platform image. These default users are not root users, so you can't initially write a file or directory to a new file system with these users.


Your company hasrestructured its HR departments. As part of this change, you also need to re-organize compartments within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to align them to the company's new organizational structure. The following change is required:

Compartment Team_xneeds to be moved under a new parent compartment, Project_B The tenancy has the following policies defined for compartments Project_A and Project_B: Policy1: Allow group G1 to manage instance-family in compartment HR:Project_A Policy2: Allow group G2 tomanage instance-family in compartment HR:Project_B Which two statements describe the impacts after the compartment Team_x is moved? (Choose two.)

  • A. Group G2 can now manage instance-families in compartment Project_B, compartment Project_A and compartment Team_X
  • B. Group G2 can now manage instance-families in compartment Project_B and compartment Team_X
  • C. Group G1 can now manage instance-families in compartment Project_A, compartment Project_B and compartment Team_X
  • D. Group G1 can now manage instance-families in compartment Project_A but not in compartment Team_x
  • E. Group G2 can now manage instance-families in compartment Project_A but not in compartment Team_x

Answer: B,D


You are asked to implement the disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity requirements for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Block Volumes. Two OCI regions being used: a primary/source region and a DR/destination region. The requirements are:

* There should be a copy of data in the destination region to use if a region-wide disaster occurs in the source region

* Minimize costs

Which design will help you meet these requirements? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Back up block volumes. Copy block volume backups from source region to destination region at regular intervals.
  • B. Clone block volumes. Use Object Storage lifecycle management to automatically move clone objects to Archive Storage. Copy Archive Storage buckets from source region to destination at regular intervals.
  • C. Back up block volumes. Use Object Storage lifecycle management to automatically move backup objects to Archive Storage. Copy Archive Storage buckets from source region to destination at regular intervals.
  • D. Clone block volumes. Copy block volume clonesfrom source region to destination region at regular intervals.

Answer: A





You have a web application running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that lets users log in with a username and password. You notice that an attacker has tried to use SQL comment "--" to alter the database query, remove the password check and log in as a user. You decide to prevent any future attacks.

Which of the following OCI services or features would you choose tosafeguard your application? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Vault
  • B. Data Safe
  • C. Network Security Group
  • D. Web Application Framework (WAF)

Answer: D



WAF provides you with the ability to create and manage rules for internet threats including Cross-SiteScripting (XSS), SQL Injection and other OWASP-defined vulnerabilities.


You created an Oracle Linux compute instance through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) management console then immediately realize you forgot toadd an SSH key file. You notice that OCI compute service provides instance console connections that supports adding SSH keys for a running instance. Hence, you created the console connection for your Linux server and activated it using the connection string provided.

However, now you get prompted for a username and password to login.

What option should you recommend to add the SSH key to your running instance, while minimizing the administrative overhead? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. You need to configure the boot loader to use ttyS0 as a console terminal on the VM.
  • B. You need to terminate the running instance and recreate it by providing the SSH key file.
  • C. You need to reboot the instance from the console, boot into the bash shell in maintenance mode,and add SSH keys for the opc user.
  • D. You need to modify the serial console connection string to include the identity file flag, -i to specify the SSH key to use.

Answer: C



If you created an instance without an SSH key, you can use the serial console toboot into maintenance mode and add or reset the SSH key for the opc user or reset the password for the opc user. Alternately, you can stop the instance, attach the boot volume to a new instance, and configure SSH on the new instance.




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